Spring is here and with it comes all the joys of outdoor activities! It’s also the time of year that skin issues, allergies, and parasites ramp up for our pets.

Stay protected from parasites and win this spring.

One of our lovely vet nurses Gabby is pictured above displaying some prizes you can win just for purchasing your pet’s usual Bravecto product. Any in-clinic purchase of a Bravecto product from the 1st of September to the 30th of November will go in the draw. There is one cat and one dog prize per clinic.

Up for grabs for our feline friends we have a stylish cat cave with a zip off top and a soft bed inside.

For dogs we have the Animo Activity and Behaviour Tracker, which monitors your dog’s activity, calories burnt, and sleep quality. 

Why is parasite protection important?

Fleas and ticks are more than just a nuisance, they can pose significant health risks to your pets including skin irritation, allergic reactions, and the transmission of diseases. In the case of the Australian paralysis tick they can even cause life threatening consequences. Intestinal worms can also lead to nutrient imbalances or gastrointestinal upset. It’s important to keep these internal and external parasites at bay as a simple step that can have a profound impact on your pet’s overall health.

Come in and have a chat with us to find the perfect product for your pet based on their individual lifestyle and risk of exposure. By using appropriate protection, you can give your pet the freedom to roam and play without the worry of hitchhiking parasites.

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