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Dietary advice and weight control | Hawthorn East Vet & Kew Vet & Cattery

Dietary advice

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Kew Vet and Cattery
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Hawthorn East Vet
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Premium Pet Food

Unfortunately, not all pet foods are the same.  We stock a range of premium quality foods including  Hills Science Diet and Royal Canin that are specifically formulated for your pets life stage.  These foods have been tested and proven to provide your pet with the best nutrition possible.  There are also many prescription diets, where the food has been formulated as part of the treatment for many diseases.  Come in and we can discuss the best nutrition for your pet.


Weight control

Just like us, carrying excess weight can contribute to many problems including joint disease and arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and increased anaesthesia risk.  Our electronic scales are available free of charge to check your pets weight, and our team can offer advice on weight loss and nutrition. We also have specialist weight loss diets available to help your pet achieve and maintain their optimal weight.