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Kew Vet and Cattery
13 Cotham Rd
VIC 3101

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03 9853 7125

Hawthorn East Vet
1 Victoria Rd
Hawthorn East
VIC 3123

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03 9882 0007


Did you know that puppy's develop most of their social skills and behaviour patterns by 16 weeks of age?

Getting off on the right foot (or paw?) is really important and the time and effort you put into helping your pup become a well adjusted member of society will be rewarded many times over in the future


We strongly recommend all puppies attend one of our puppy preschool programs.   Our classes are designed to allow them time to learn and develop these skills in a controlled, calm and non threatening environment.  It is also a great chance to get some help with those little training issues you may be having.  

Our classes are run by the qualified dog trainers from

Classes run on Wednesday evenings at Hawthorn East Vet and Thursday evenings at Kew Vet.  

Bookings are essential.