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Radiographs, Pathology and Diagnostics | Hawthorn East Vet & Kew Vet & Cattery

Radiographs, Pathology and Diagnostics

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Kew Vet and Cattery
13 Cotham Rd
VIC 3101

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03 9853 7125

Hawthorn East Vet
1 Victoria Rd
Hawthorn East
VIC 3123

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03 9882 0007

On site x-rays


We have on site x-ray facilities at both Hawthorn East and Kew.   Both of our clinics have a digital x-ray suite which is  latest technology for animal Xrays and enables us to take premium quality x-rays and have the images on our screen almost instantaneously. This allows us to diagnose and treat your pet quickly, and often reduces the length of time your pet needs to be anaethetised.

We also have specific digital dental Xray systems which enable us to diagnose potentially painful conditions below the gum line that cannot be identified without xrays.

Due to OH&S regulations (and the fact our patients often dont want to lie in the correct position!), in most cases sedation or an anesthetic is required for x-rays.




In-house Pathology Services

We have a large range of in house equipment allowing us to perform a wide range of diagnostic tests in house.     Our in house blood analysers at both Hawthorn East and Kew allow us to offer screening blood tests to check for underlying issues before your pet undergoes anaesthesia, and can also give rapid results within 15 minutes if needed in an emergency, or for ongoing care of hospitalised cases. 

We also utilise the services of an external Veterinary pathology service which collects samples from us twice daily.