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Vet Nurses

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  • Jo
    Practice Manager/Veterinary Nurse - Hawthorn East Vet and Kew Vet & Cattery

    Jo started work as Veterinary Nurse in 2004, and completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary nursing in 2007. She joined Hawthorn East Vet in 2012 and has recently taken on the role of Practice Manager.

    Jo and Mark the Vet worked together in a previous life at another Vet clinic, before Jo took some time out to have two children.   Jo is enjoying the challenges of practice management but also loves being still involved in the nursing side of the clinic too.  Along with a husband and two children at home, Jo has three cats Emmylou, Wilson & Ianto (thats Ianto in the photo).   

    jo sml
  • Belinda
    Veterinary Nurse - Hawthorn East Vet

    Belinda joined us at the start of 2010.  Belinda completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2012 and her out going nature, knowledge and skills mean she is an important and valued member of the team. (She has a nick name as the 'dog whisperer' among some of our clients!)

    Passionate about animal welfare, Belinda also volunteers at a local rescue shelter, and has spent many sleepness nights hand rearing abandoned or stray kittens.

    Belinda, her partner Mack (who is the man responsible for keeping our garden so pretty!) and their two children share their home and spare time with their pets Cable the dog, Janet the cat and Shandi her beloved horse!  Belinda is currently on maternity leave after the birth of her second baby.

  • Chelsea
    Veterinary Nurse - Hawthorn East Vet

    Chelsea has become a valued member of the team since starting with us in early 2011. Chelsea completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2012 and a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing General Practice in 2014.  She has a passion for Veterinary nursing and animal care that makes her a joy to have around the clinic.   She is committed to providing the best in care for your pets.  Chelsea is a keen horse rider, and has spent time working with horses in the past.

    Chelsea has developed a special relationship with many of our patients who regularly pop in to see her purely for social visits!

  • Eliza
    Veterinary Nurse - Hawthorn East Vet

    Eliza joined the Hawthorn East Vet team in 2011, after having taken some time out of the workplace to be a Mum.

    Eliza started Vet nursing in 1997 and has a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge, experience and fresh ideas. Her 'can-do' attitude has been a great asset to our team.

    Eliza currently works on Mondays, Tuesdays and every second Thursday, keeping busy the rest of her week as a wife, and Mum of two children of the human variety and of course the 'fur kids' Luna and Rolly.

  • Tamara
    Veterinary Nurse - Kew Vet & Cattery

    Tamara has been with us since early 2015 when she started as a dog groomer and has now moved into a Vet Nursing role.  She is currently studying Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.  Tamara has experience in dog behaviour and has a gentle and friendly approach with all animals.  Her down time is spent with her black Labrador, Cyril and her Staffy cross Jindi.  She also loves spending time with her two horses Harry and Rosie.

    Tamara Feb 15
  • Dani
    Veterinary Nurse - Hawthorn East Vet

    Dani knew she wanted to be a veterinary nurse from eight years of age, although it took her crossing the Tasman to make her dream come true. 

    Dani completed her Veterinary Nurse qualification in 2009 and continues to complete short courses and seminars to keep up to date with all the latest knowledge.  

    She finds working with clients to provide the very best care for their pets extremely rewarding. 

    Dani is currently on maternity leave after the birth of her second baby.

  • Jess
    Veterinary Nurse - Hawthorn East Vet

    After working in pet transport for 5 years, I decided I wanted to take on a more 'hands on' role with animals and completed my Cert II in Animal Studies, before starting nursing in 2010. I haven't looked back since then, and completed my Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2013, receiving a high achievement nomination within my sector.
    Since then I have  been to Sumatra Indonesia to do some volunteer nursing work with Orangutans, and I  take a special interest in animal conservation, and behaviour. 
    When I'm not out enjoying friends and family time, my handsome 6 year old cat "Kodey" keeps me on my toes at home!

    Jess May 2016 png
  • Therese
    Senior Veterinary Nurse - Kew Vet & Cattery

    Growing up on a farm in Ireland surrounded by animals, I always knew what I wanted to be "when I grew up"! I went straight from high school into a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Nursing, graduating in 2008.
    Since then, I have nursed in Ireland, London, Perth and Melbourne, learning new things from all the wonderful people I've worked with along the way. As I love travelling so much, I haven't had a pet for a long time, but now that my partner Steve and I are settling into life in Melbourne, it hopefully won't be long until we have a cat and a dog to keep us busy!

    Therese May 16
  • Megan
    Veterinary Nurse - Hawthorn East Vet

    Megan recently joined the team at Hawthorn East in January 2017 after graduating with an Associate Degree in Veterinary Nursing.

    She is an avid dog lover with a special soft spot for terriers – so be prepared for her to fall in love with yours when you bring them in! Most of Megan’s free time is spent with her Miniature Fox Terrier, Archie and Jack Russell, Holly. She loves them very much and will bring them up in conversation whenever she can.

    Megan’s favourite part about being a veterinary nurse is getting to know the clients and their beloved pets, so she can’t wait to befriend you all.

    Megan March 2017
  • Erin
    Veterinary Nurse - Kew Vet & Cattery


    Prior to Veterinary Nursing, Erin completed her Bachelor of Animal Science and Management at The University of Melbourne. Pairing a desire to travel to Africa to see 'The Big Cats' and a course requirement for industry placement, Erin traveled to Namibia where an 8 week 'work experience' placement turned into a permanent job. Erin worked in Namibia and South Africa for almost 5 years as a Researcher and spent most of her days tracking cheetah and wild dog in the African bush. Wanting to continue her work with animals when she returned to Australia, Veterinary Nursing seemed like the most obvious choice (particularly given the lack of wild cheetah roaming around in The Australian Outback) and has been working as a Veterinary Nurse since 2013.  Erin joined our team in early 2017.


    Erin May 2017 2
  • Melissa
    Receptionist - Hawthorn East Vet

    Hi, my name is Mel and I have worked in the Veterinary industry for over 20 years both as a nurse and receptionist. I have also worked abroad in busy New York City as a Veterinary technician. I love being a receptionist most because I enjoy meeting clients and their pets, and chatting about how much we love our fur kids. I'm here to help you with any questions you have and assist you any way I can with your pet’s needs, sharing the knowledge I have gained over the years. At home I have 3 chickens, a rabbit, 3 cats, a cockatiel, 2 dogs and the occasional orphaned possums I hand rear until release, you could say I have my own mini farm! 

  • Katelyn
    Veterinary Nurse - Kew Vet

    Katelyn joined our team in early 2017 after working as a Veterinary Nurse in Melbourne's northern suburbs for 4 and a half years. After completing her Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Zoology at the University of Melbourne in 2010, she worked as a research assistant at an ecological research centre. There she was lucky enough to work on a research project looking at turtle populations in urban environments, and helped monitor Squirrel Glider populations in Victoria and New South Wales.  Katelyn attained her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2016. 

    Katelyn and her partner share their apartment with a very charismatic cinnamon Cockatiel named Chicky that they adopted as a stray. Her family dog - a cheeky black Labrador named Sambuca - still lives with her family after she moved out to an inner city apartment a few years ago. Her future nursing plans include volunteering for a short time at a veterinary nursing centre in Koh Phangan, Thailand. She has become more passionate about this endeavour after travelling there and seeing all the wonderful work the organisation does for the stray animal population on the beautiful island.

  • Beth
    Veterinary Nurse - Kew Vet

    Beth left Melbourne when she was 18 for a 1 Year Gap year, and came back 7 years later after travelling and working around Europe. 

    After living in various international cities such as London, Berlin and Barcelona she found herself in South East Asia, where she volunteered at animal shelters.

    On her return in 2015, inspired by her charity work in South East Asia, decided to pursue a career in Veterinary Nursing, and will be finishing her Certificate IV at the end of 2017.

    Beth spends most of her free time with her Rottweiler Jenny, and enjoys dog friendly bush walks and camping.  Beth, with the help of Jenny, often fosters kittens and there are sometimes multiple fur babies running around her house. 

    Beth June 17 jpeg