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Dental Health Month 2016

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August is dental health month!

We are passionate about dental health as it has a major impact on our pet's health.  Sometimes we can notice their smelly breath, but for your pet dental disease can create pain and infections that can affect the function of their internal organs.  Most animals will continue eating even when they are in pain.

Dental disease can present with signs such as:


  • Gingivitis - inflammation of the gums.
  • Tartar accumulation - a hard substance containing food, bacteria and saliva particles.
  • Bad breath and/or diseased teeth.


For dental health month (August 2016) we are offering a $50 discount off all dental procedures.  You will also receive a FREE bag of Hills T/D food and a take home pack containing dental preventatives to help keep your pet's teeth clean after their procedure.

If you have been following a dental prevention program or you are unsure if your pet has dental disease please call us to book in a FREE dental health check.  We are happy to check and see if a dental procedure is necessary and to give advice on the best dental health care for your pet.

For those who are already following a dental plan there is 10% off dental preventatives such as pet toothpaste, finger brushes and tooth brushes.

Does your pet love Greenies? We have $5 off canine 340gm treat packs and $3 off feline 85gm treat packs.  'Tastes like a treat. Works like a toothbrush'.

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