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We love to be connnected to our patients and clients and we always seem to have some new pet health news, staff news or interesting cases that we want to share with everyone.  We hope to use this blog, as well as our facebook page ( and our PocketVet iphone app to keep you informed.  We welcome any feedbacks or comments you have, or any suggestions for topics you may wish us to blog about!  Lets see how we go!

Pets and a new baby

Baby Girl Playing With Dog Wallpaper 300x225

The arrival of a new baby is an exciting time for the family- but it can sometimes be very confusing for a pet! While they may be delighted by the new addition to the family it usually involves less attention and a change of routine for them. By gradually reducing the amount of time spent with them and encouraging independent behaviours such as chewing a stuffed Kong toy in the next room, they will learn to find spending time away from you positive and rewarding.

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Cats Urinating in the House

cat in litter tray

Cats urinating in the house

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Heat Stress

summer dog2

Be Sun Smart!

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Toxic plants

Common plants causing skin irritation to dogs and cats.

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Assisting sick or injured wildlife

The Wildlife Act 1975 is the law which protects native wildlife, making it an offence to harm or relocate an animal from where it is found.

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